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Medcalf: I think a lot of this conversation is generational. And the bottom line is that Rupp's name is on the arena because he's a legend to a lot folks within the fan base. In their eyes, you can't top Rupp. The boosters who crash Calipari's postgame press conferences are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. I think those folks appreciate Calipari for making Kentucky a national player within the one-and-done era. But Rupp is their hero.

Still, I think folks 40 and under will talk about Calipari the way their parents talk about Rupp. Calipari told me that he always thinks of something Kelvin Sampson once told him: "Every year, you have a chance to win it all." It's true. And that's why few programs have rivaled this run under Calipari. Most years, you have to go through Kentucky to get to the top. Rupp died more than 40 years ago. His name is still important at Kentucky. With another national title at Kentucky, however, I think Calipari will be the undeniable No. 2 to Rupp, if he hasn't already earned that status.
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